Check out our FAQ & TIPS below.

Q. What's the difference between ChatRoulette and RouletteCamChat?
A. We both provide webcam based random roulette chat sessions but as we use different servers, you'll find a whole load of different people ready to 
     camchat at RouletteCamChat.
    We've provided a global random webcam service since 2010 serving the UK , USA and Europe. With the  presence of other providers like ChatRandom, 
    Omegle  & Shufflepeople, our mission is  to focus on bringing you free, high quality video roulette that is dependable but most of all, exciting and fun!
Q. Do I need a webcam to Chat?
A. No you don't, however, many people prefer to chat only to those who are using a webcam so both parties can see each other.  If you don't
      use a webcam, you'll probably find that many people may disconnect immediately or after a short period.
      Just think of it like this, when you start your roulette chat, how long will it be before you hit Next as you want to 'see' who you're connected with?
Q. What software do I need?
A. You'll need your webcam driver, web browser and the Adobe Flash Plugin available here
Q. Can I chat with more than one partner?
A. Yes, just visit our multichat chatroom here
Q. Can I carry on a conversation in private with someone?
A. Yes, arrange with your chat partner to go to our multichat chatroom here and you can then select a different room and enter a
      private status roulettechat session
Q. Are the chatroulette sessions totally free and anonymous?
A. Yes. We do not charge for our service and as long as you do not divulge any identifying information to your partner in your random chat session, you
      will remain anonymous. Our service is 100% free to use and no registration is required.
Q. What should I do if I don't like my webcam partner?
A. Hit the Buzz or Next button and you'll be randomly connected with a new partner. You don't have to chat with everyone you're connected to!
     Remember, you want to enjoy and make the most out of your roulette time. The good thing is that there are plenty of available partners to
     be connected with, who just like you want to have fun, perhaps make friends, create and share memories and more!
Q. I'm not sure I like the thought of being 'nexted'?
A. It's a fact of life that you are going to get 'nexted'. The world is full of variety and your fellow rouletters have differing interests so
      it's understandable that at some stage you'll be connected to someone who's just not into you. Don't take it personally and remember that within a
      second or two you'll stumble onto a new cam friend and have taken the whole process in your stride!
Q. What's the best way to let my friends know about the RouletteCamChat Service?
A. That's easy, just like us below and your facebook friends will soon get the message.
Q. Do you have any help videos?
A. We think the following give a pretty good flavour of how it works and wish you the best of luck with your chatroulette endeavours.

Cats on Chat Roulette


You should probably watch this one first :-)

 TIPS for a successful RouletteCamChat Session

1. Enjoy yourself - Chill out, relax and go with the flow (as long as it's legal!!).

2. Don't be a prude - you may get offended but it's part of chatroulette life and adds to the fun. If you really are easily offended, this is not the best 
    online activity for you.

3. Don't believe everything you see and hear - but we're sure you're not that gullible...but just in case you are, please send $1000 to 
    our paypal account at

4. Prepare to get NEXTED- it can hurt your feelings if you're not prepared to be cast aside like a used plaything :-) 
    But don't worry, you can do it too!!

5. Do not reveal personal information -  Do we need to say more!?

6. Keep your antivirus and firewall software up to date -Not necessarily a roulette requirement(although there 
    can be a peer to peer element) but good practice for any on-line activities.

7. If you see something that's inappropriate or harmful -use the report button to spare your fellow rouletters  
    enduring the same experience.

8. Don't be a prat! There are already plenty of them online.

9. If you're a a fit bird - give a geek a break, don't just 'next' them, spare a second or two to say a friendly 'Hi' and 'Goodbye'.

10. If you're a geek - try not to sound or look like one. I know it's hard but otherwise you'll probably only end up talking to like minded geeks. 
      Hey wait a minute, maybe that's what you like..........

11. First rule of chatroulette - you do not talk about chatroulette. Second rule of chatroulette - you do not talk about chatroul.......
      Doh, had a fight club moment for a minute there  ;-)