Tell me about Chat Roulette
Chat Roulette has been a phenominal success in online social networking since its inception back in 2009 and continues to go from strength to strength.
The principle is to provide a free online webcam chat service, that allows you to take part in one to one chat sessions with completely random strangers across the world.  
Camroulette around world Image
 It's anonymous as you don't have to register or sign-in and it's private as the sessions are between your computer and your partners computer (and any other participants either of squeeze around your webcams) so only the two of you know what's going on.
It takes it name from the randomness of who you'll connect to next. Techniques employed in creating the chat connections result in hookups that are as random as the number that the ball on a roulette wheel will land on but we think it's more fun than playing 'Casino Roulette'
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..... but if you've managed to win big at Casino Roulette we take that back.
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Interaction with fellow 'rouletters' can take place via various combinations of webcam and/or text and/or microphone chat.
For the best experience, you should use a minimum of a computer with a web browser that supports Adobe Flash (e.g. Windows or OSX) , a webcam and of course internet access. Most modern webcams have a microphone built-in and if you've got a modern laptop or iMac, chances are this kit will be integrated into your computer hardware.
You can take part without a mic but with no webcam, you'll find that no-one wants to chat with you.
So if you've got the hardware and software, you're ready to roll.
When the site loads, you're presented with various options for
the session.Just start a new game/session and before you know it, you'll be face to face with a complete stranger and that's it....
...........well apart from the notorious NEXT or equivalent buttons.
ChatRoulette Next

The NEXT button is your 'out' if you don’t like who, or what you
see - just hit the NEXT button and you'll soon get connected to the next random “rouletter”.
Now just as you can NEXT them, they can NEXT you. Over time you'll probably come to regard that tiny little button as both your friend and your enemy and your viewpoint will change on a regular basis.
That viewpoint will mostly be dependent upon whether you been mostly a NEXT'er or a NEXT'ee in that days chat!!
So what's the attraction?
Well it’s been described as 'speed-dating thousands of perfect
strangers' and who knows who you’re going to be set up
You just can't tell who or what you’re going to see but what you do know is that in a short space of time you could be talking to someone on the other side of the world.
It's up to you
- what you do
- how you do it
- when you do it
- where you do it
...........but remember that due to the service being of a private and anonymous nature, there's a variety of content and chat partners out there.
Remember, it takes all sorts (see what we did there) to make the world go round and you may or may not like everything you see.

Chat Roulette and Minors
A roulettecamchat session can be a great entertainment experience for adults but they are not recommended for vieweing or participation by children.
Whilst we don't tolerate users broadcasting inappropriate content and there are mechanisms to report/block those violating this fundamental rule, due to the live, real-time nature of these chat sessions, there currently remains a risk of inappropriate content or individuals being encountered.
With this in mind, our advice is that these services should not be used by minors and recommend that parents implement
browser content filtering measures to ensure such sites cannot be accessed.
Further information on a variety of browser safety options can be researched at the links below:-